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Obama’s anti-terror visits this week include Pentagon stop, but no strategy changes expected

Obama to meet with military advisors to talk ISIS strategy

President Obama this week will visit the Pentagon and the National Counterterrorism Center, high-profile stops to try to allay Americans’ concerns about the growing domestic and global terror threat posed by the Islamic State (ISIS). On Monday, Obama will visit the Pentagon where he is expected to further explain his …

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Shooting near Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic leaves 4 officers injured

Colorado shooting scene

Police still searching for shooter, unknown number of civilians hurt Police are searching for a gunman after four officers and an unknown number of civilians were injured Friday in a shooting near a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, Colo. Police initially said the gunman had been “contained” but later couldn’t confirm that …

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France’s National Front leader calls Canada’s refugee plan ‘madness’

French National Front Leader Marine Le Pen talks to the CBC's Mark Kelley. More from the interview tonight on the fifth estate.

Marine Le Pen’s far-right views unsettle some voters in Calais, where she’s running for office Marine Le Pen, the controversial leader of France’s far-right National Front, is scoffing at Canada’s plan to welcome 25,000 Syrian refugees with open arms, calling it “madness.” “There. I’ve said it. Madness,” she said In …

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